The Vows We Break

Sicilian Mafia Wars Book 1

All’s fair in love and revenge.

Carina Bianchi doesn’t care about the ambitions of men. She was free the moment her father drew his last breath. But her brother’s plans to bring Sicily’s ruling Mafia Dons to their knees and ascend the throne present her with the perfect opportunity for revenge against the men who’ve wronged her. And she’s determined to make the most of it. 

Alexei Sokolov has been obsessed with Carina since they were children. He’s watched her from the shadows while using his ruthless skill with a blade to protect Bianchi interests for over a decade. And with her father out of the way, he can finally take what he wants. 

When Alexei learns of Carina’s abuse at the hands of the Romano family, he’ll stop at nothing to help her seek the revenge she craves. No matter how many bodies he has to lay at her feet.

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This is the first mafia story I have read and it certainly did not disappoint. I got through this story so quickly and was just thoroughly obsessed with it since beginning this novel. I loved the characters and the conflict in this story. Definitely worth the read.

– Goodreads Reviewer