The Secrets We Keep

Sicilian Mafia Wars Book 3

The past never stays buried for long.

Sienna Gallo is a ghost. After three years in hiding, she’s back in Sicily for one reason and one reason only. To kill the people who murdered her entire family. She’s mapped out every step of her revenge from start to finish. What she didn’t plan for was running into the only man she’s ever loved. A man who has the power to ruin everything.

Luca Bianchi has spent the last three years rebuilding the family business his father nearly destroyed. And now he has a new mission: help his brother eliminate the island’s other ruling Dons and claim the throne of Sicily for themselves. Everything is going smoothly. Until a woman he buried a long time ago is suddenly back from the dead and throwing a wrench in their carefully laid plans.

When their goals collide, Sienna will have to make a choice. Seek the revenge she deserves or risk losing Luca forever.

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