The Lies We Tell

Sicilian Mafia Wars Book 4

The truth doesn’t always set you free.

Tessa Antonetti is trapped behind the walls of her father’s compound, forced to be a pawn in his bid for money and power. When she’s offered hope that her mother might still be alive, she grabs onto it with both hands, determined to do everything in her power to be reunited with the only person who’s ever given a damn about her. But these lies have deadly consequences, and the closer she gets to the man who can give her what she wants, the harder it is to remember whose side she’s supposed to be on.

Matteo Bianchi can’t afford any distractions. Not when he’s so close to his goal of eliminating Sicily’s last ruling Don and taking total control of the island. But that’s exactly what Tessa Antonetti is, with her generous hips and top heavy mouth and razor sharp tongue. Rescuing her from her father’s compound was a complication he didn’t need because the closer they get, the more he wants to keep her.

But betrayal is a complicated thing. And when trust is broken, love might not be enough.

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