The Games We Play

Sicilian Mafia Wars Book 2

When the rules change, the game becomes deadly.

Emilia Sagona is trapped. By debt, by duty, and by her mother’s sins. She never imagined when she moved from Rome to Sicily to help her mother get back on her feet she was putting herself in the middle of a Mafia feud. Now, stuck between two powerful men—one who wants to possess her and one who wants to destroy her—she’ll have to play their game if she wants to make it out of this alive.

Domenico Bianchi is all too eager to put his skills as the Bianchi general to good use and aid his family’s rise to power. He expects taking out the Varda Don and securing the island’s southern coast to be bloody but simple. What he doesn’t expect is the redheaded siren with bewitching gray eyes to seek him out and make him an offer. One he doesn’t want to refuse.

But the closer Dom gets to his goal, the more danger it puts Emilia in. Until they’re both forced to decide what comes first—duty to family or each other.

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