Deadly Obsession

Callahan Syndicate Book 3

A Mafia princess. A heartless playboy. A match made in hell.

After Viv Falcone’s father is installed as the new Don of Philadelphia’s Mafia by the most powerful family in the city, she’s given a choice. Marry the youngest Callahan son or her family pays the price. An arranged marriage to a cold, heartless playboy doesn’t sound like the stuff of fairytales. But she’ll sell her soul to keep her family safe.

Aidan Callahan prefers his women nameless, faceless, and never more than once. But after his family suffers a crushing loss, he’s commanded to do the one thing he hoped to avoid his entire life—get married. It doesn’t matter how captivating his bride to be is, he refuses to be a pawn in his brother’s games.

Until someone begins stalking Viv in an attempt to weaken the alliance. Then Aidan discovers his new bride might mean more to him than he planned. And he’ll do whatever it takes to protect what’s his.

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If you would have told me at any point prior to this novel that I would fall in love with Aidan, I would call you a liar. But today, I stand before you a changed woman. Meaghan has turned the annoying, selfish, brat of a man into the most lovable of the entire bunch. Don’t even get me started on the witty sharp tongued queen that is Viv.

– Amazon Reviewer